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Just submitted my short story 'The Abandoned Outpost' to their website! Wish me luck!


teambrownie1*CERTIFIED CRITIC*
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Commissions: 10 points color, 5 points black 'n' white.

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contact: note me or post on my profile.
WON'T critique: Nothing. I'm open to anything.
availability: i'm on almost everyday, with some lapses of absence, due to having to study for some test or some such. don't expect the critique to get done immediately. if you need it on short notice, find somebody else.
Specialty: anime/ manga, fantasy, scifi, anything of that sort. literature (no angsty teen crap). comics/ cartoons. anything humor- related.

My internet moniker is Brownie, and I am an aspiring artist, writer, critic, and graphic designer. Need a writing prompt? Call me. Need a character drawn up or designed? I'm your guy. Need a graphic made for something? I'm the man!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

contact info: teambrownie1 on youtube & tumblr.

Current Residence: Michigan.
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  • Mood: Hope
  • Listening to: 'energy drink' by virtual riot
  • Watching: ink master
  • Playing: AoT Tribute Game by Feng
  • Eating: saltines
  • Drinking: apple cider
Just submitted my short story 'The Abandoned Outpost' to their website! Wish me luck!
The Tailypo by teambrownie1
The Tailypo
Give me back my tailypo... Give me back my TAILYPO... GIVE ME BACK MY TAILYPO!!!
The Tailypo by teambrownie1
The Tailypo
Give me back my tailypo... Give me back my TAILYPO... GIVE ME BACK MY TAILYPO!!!
"By fate itself, I don't have the friggin' patience for this!" Whispered Riesk, leaning slightly towards Belial. "Why won't this guy end his friggin' speech?"
Belial sighed.

"If you were paying ANY attention," he rasped, "you would notice that he's listing each group that's here." Riesk nodded.

"That reminds me," said Belial. "They also will list each group's accomplishments and accompanying bonuses next."

"So what have we done?" Asked Riesk.

"So far?" Replied Belial. "Nothing."

"Not to worry, my ill-tempered friend," muttered Riesk. "Zuos and Haskos will be with us again soon, and hopefully with that mal-pok map."

"Ah, yes," murmured Belial, "the LOST CITY of mal-pok."

"Hey man, it exis-"

"Would you two SHUT UP?" Growled Nuos from Belial's other side. The trio then looked up, returning their attention to the conference speaker, who had finally finished speaking and was now motioning for the record-keeper to take the circular opening in the middle of the conference table.
All around the table sat representatives from the different region's clans. Belial, Riesk, and Nuos made up the 'treasure hunters' reps, but they were treasure hunters by title only. In reality, they'd fulfill a contract on anything... Or anyone. Riesk looked around.

"Desert hunters, the marshmen, clan of the fang..." he thought. "By fate, even the fogwalker's creed showed up!" The record-keeper took his spot, opening the record book for the year and beginning to read. As he spoke of "Clan Darkmire's theft of a rare blood ruby," Riesk's attention was again lost. Something had caught his attention. A BIG something. "It's heading this way," he thought, his ears perking up. He looked about the table. All the other elves had heard it. Half-elves, dire wolves too... Even the few half-orcs attending sat up a little straighter. Suddenly, a grating roar echoed from the other side of the conference room's doors, farther down the hall. The room turned its attention to the giant oaken doors. "Wait a sec," said Riesk. "I recognize that sou-"suddenly, the doors flew off their hinges, and from the dust and splinters came the drake that the treasure hunters had escaped from not a week ago. Riesk jumped up onto the table. "FATE BE DAMNED!" He yelled. "HOW DID THAT THING FIND US?!?"

"Look there!" Replied Nuos, pointing to the reptile's fangs. Riesk noticed a small beaded item still stuck through one tooth.

"Oh my god," he growled, putting his face in his hands. "Is that-"

"MY MEDICINE POUCH!" Yelled Belial, standing up so hard he tipped his chair over.

"You LED that thing here?!?" Yelled a hunter from across the room.

"Not intentionally!" Belial yelled back. The drake roared, charging him.

"RUN!" Barked Nuos, sprinting for the set of side doors at the drake's left. A mad dash was made for the doors, and the drake was too slow to react in time to stop them from exiting the conference room. It charged out the same way it came in, looking for the hall the hunters had entered.

Meanwhile, the hunters were sprinting down a side hall.

"Where's the armory?" Roared one hunter. "I need my crossbow!"

"That won't work on a magical and ancient beast, my friend!" Yelled Nuos in reply. "Let me get my fate-sealer, and I'll show you what I mean!" The crowd turned a corner, entering the armory.

"Aha!" Exclaimed Riesk, retrieving his bow and quiver, knife pack, and bastard sword. "Just what I needed."

"I've got my sword and shield and junk!" Came Belial's voice from one corner. Nuos stepped out of the room, carrying a long object wrapped in tarp under one arm.

"I've got my stuff," he said, walking farther down the hall. His companions shrugged, following him out. Suddenly, the drake rounded the corner at the end of the hall. It saw the approaching trio, and roared. "Well, well, well," murmured Nuos, his grip tightening on the tarp. "You wanna dance? Let's dance." With that, the ex-priest tore the tarp from the fate-sealer, revealing the oversized stone slab-like blade he used for combat. He let its tip hit the hall's stone floor, but his muscles tensed as the drake charged. Its jaws opened wide, it leapt forward to tear Nuos to shreds. Suddenly, he lifted the fate-sealer with an inhuman speed, smacking the drake in the chin and sending it flying over him. The drake hit the ground in a somersault, coming back up in a low, crouching position. It roared again, taking another shot at Nuos. This time it feinted to the right, as its tail swept left. Nuos jumped the tail, swinging his cumbersome blade in a downwards slash, making a gash in the drake's appendage. The drake screeched, whipping its head around and snapping at Nuos' ankles. Nuos jumped back again, pointing in an upwards position with the fate-sealer. "NOW!" He yelled. Suddenly, Riesk and Belial were there, running along the flat of the giant sword.

"GET SOME!" Barked Belial, front-flipping over the drake, with Riesk next to him. They flew past the drake's neck; slamming their blades through its scaly hide, the duo slid down its sides, cleaving open the drake's entire neck. The drake teetered for a second, then slowly pitched over onto its side, the light gone from its eyes. Belial approached the corpse. "That's MY pouch," he growled, snatching up his medicine pouch from the drake's tooth. The trio went to leave.

"Wait a minute," said one of the conference officials, as the building's guards were suddenly rushing down the hall to surround the trio. The official squeezed the flesh between his eyes.
"You mean to tell me that you LED this thing here?" He said exasperatedly. Riesk nodded.

"Not on purpose," he said.

"That's not the point," said another official. "You brought a LIVE drake in here-"

"BY ACCIDENT!" Interrupted Riesk.

"This is true," said Nuos. "We had no idea that thing would pick up Belial's scent just from his med pouch, especially with all the herbs in it. We assumed the scents would confuse the beast. Apparently we were wrong."

"Apparently," replied the 2nd official. The 1st official nodded. “Either way, given this recent incident, and the fact that the... treasure hunters have not done anything noteworthy as of late, your membership with the guild has been called into question. What say you?”

“Y'know what I say?” Came a growling voice from a nearby set of doors. The doors flew open, and a familiar wolf-like man and bald companion strolled in. Haskos walked right up to the official and got in his face. “I say we've got the map to the lost city of Mal-Pok, and that the treasure hunters will be doing an exploration to plunder the place.” Zuos nodded.

“What do you have to say to that?” Asked Riesk, glaring at the officials. The men leaned towards each other, muttering in low tones. They finally reconvened after a minute or two.

“We have decided the treasure hunters' trial is to be to FIND this... lost city,” said one.

“...And bring back at least one piece of evidence of its existence.” Said another.

“Don't come back if nothing turns up,” finished a third. Belial nodded.

“Alright guys,” he said, heading for the door. “Looks like we've got a city to plunder!”

“AWRIGHT!” Barked Haskos, sprinting ahead. Riesk grinned. Finally, some action.
SKETCH- 'Fighting The Revenant' by teambrownie1
SKETCH- 'Fighting The Revenant'
The 1st boss my poor adventurers had to face. I need to scale him down a bit, though...

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